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Test Practice Online Games for Kids

View a video of how TestPractice works in English or Spanish.


Test Practice Online Games for Kids

With BrainstormUSA's Test Practice, students practice the same skills that will be covered on state standardized tests, increasing recollection of knowledge & reducing the stress of taking these important math, science, & language arts tests.

Test Practice Online Games for Kids

Test Practice is a state of the art, web based application designed to help students do well on the high stakes, mandatory state standardized tests in grades 1 to 9 Math and Language Arts and grades 4 to 9 Science. Test Practice combines powerful learning methods - education games, science games for kids, multiplication games and math games for kids  with practice and rehearsal...Fun + Practice = Success!

Kids Pick a Look to Fit their Age and Style

With our education games for kids, students select their own avatars and create the look of their page. Whether it is science games, multiplication games, general math games or reading games each student answers questions specific to their grade level in TestPractice. Kids are given immediate feedback for negative and positive answers, plus receive a turn to play one of many online education games for each correct answer.  Test Practice includes reports that allow students to track the skills they have mastered as well as those that still need improvement. Tutor your kid using the best education games online.